World Book Day Knit

March 6th, 2015

Yesterday was World Book Day, we love books in our house, we have so many (not just knitting books!) and are at the library a lot, my son goes to bed at a reasonable time just so he has a long time to read, he is currently reading his way through his very own copies of harry potter. So it was no surprise that he wanted to go as a character from the book, he is a red head like me and very proud to be ginger! He was given a Hogwarts cloak last year and was happy he could wear it to school as ‘Ron Weasley’
I had been thinking about items I could knit him and not much came to mind, other than the obvious scarf and bits…oh and the hats Hermione knitted for the house elves!
My son has been after a ‘Weasley jumper’ with his initial on for a while now so I have added one to my list but I really could not knit one in time for world book day!
Then I remembered a book I had won from Knitting (, it is a lovely book with so many lovely knits in that have been added to my ever growing list including a gorgeous scarf that I would love to knit for myself. I have knitted some lovely items from it already, but you know me, always tweaking the patterns, the book is ’50 knitted gifts, for year round giving’ this is one I am very pleased to own!
In this book was a hat, I had thought it would make a great sorting hat so I whipped one up.
Being me knitting this hat meant I did tweak the pattern a little so that it fitted on his head as well as being able to pull it down over his eyes like the hat from the book, I also made a stiffer brim. I had decided to do a brown hat with black detail hoping that the black would stand out enough but not too much.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

I think it turned out quite nice and it would actually make a good Rincewind hat (from the Discworld books) or a witch’s hat, I get the feeling I might make a few more of these great hats.
I have enjoyed seeing what other people have made for world book day, dressing up for days like this is great as it gets our minds thinking what we can make with our crafts? 😀

by Juniper Askew

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