which way to knit a scarf with letters

November 24th, 2013

I posted about the scarf I knitted for mt little brother, for some reason I had some problems, when I say ‘some reason’ I mean it was me getting knitters block! I regularly do patterns that switch from knit to purl on rows but I think it was the confidence (or lack of) in the pattern that caused so many mistakes and I was right the pattern was a bit wonky!

well I have finished another scarf this time I had decided to do it the other way, so instead of knitting all the letters as I go I would start and finish one letter at a time…

so which was better?

there was certainly much more working out and math to do when working all letters at once and seeing mistakes was very hard, I was half way trough the whole scarf before realizing my ‘s’ was wrong!

with working vertical you do have to tip your letters on the side, make sure that all letters are pointing the right way and not upside down! but as you are doing it letter by letter you can see any mistakes or adjustments that you need to correct as you go, on completion of each letter you can see what needs changing and you are only undoing a few rows so it really isn’t the end of the world, because of this I much preferred this way of working the letters…and it seemed much quicker, I wasn’t constantly doubting myself as I knew it was only a few rows and I could adjust it if need be,

there were more letters on this and it Took me under a week to knit, now it is for a younger child so that has something to do with it but it was still easier and when I do my next one it will be vertical!





this is knitted with wise, no letters showing on it as it’s a pressie!

give it a go it’s really quite easy! x

*vertical is knitted with wise

*horizontal is knitted length wise

if this doesn’t make sense i am hoping once the letters are up for the second scarf it will xx

by Juniper Askew

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