When you run out of yarn!

November 3rd, 2013

I have a lovely lace project I have shelved for now, it is getting pretty huge and has 100’s of stitches in the round this is my baby, I love it and it is so snugly, I didn’t use the yarn the pattern suggested as I wanted something slightly warmer and smaller so I guessed (with a bit of number crunching)  at the amount of yarn I would need….I have two balls left but fear it is no where near enough!

Lace shawl

Lace shawl

I think the yarn is discontinued but even if I find some the dye lot will most probably be different! wondering about going for a much darker shade or a different colour….the decisions to make, but I will finish it and a big lesson has been learnt….make sure you calculate it right!!

by Juniper Askew

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