When Do We Say Tassel or Fringe!?

March 19th, 2014

The question came up of how to do a tassel, and I have to say I use to always think of tassels as the lovely big tassels you get on top of hats, on curtain ties and at the end of scarfs…or little ‘clumps’ of yarn bound together…

And a fringe is the little lengths of yarn you get at the ends of shawls, Blankets and scarfs, much like the shawl I have just finished.

vintage shawl, with fringe

vintage shawl, with fringe

But recently I have noticed that ‘tassels’ seem to be what I would call the fringe!

Just a quick search on attaching tassels to knitting will bring up a lot about attaching a fringe!

So why is it we now seem to use the word tassel for both?

I even find myself asking what type of tassel? this is in order to determine weather someone means tassel or fringe!

So why has this shift in the language changed? is it because some other countries call the fringe tassels? or have we just gotten lazy and think it doesn’t really matter.

I personally prefer a good old fringe to a tassel but then that is mostly because of the items I knit, I have the choice of tassel or fringe, I can’t see a fringe looking good on top of a hat!

But tassels do have their place and when done well really finish off an item nicely!

So, When do we say tassel or fringe!?

by Juniper Askew

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