We Will Be Away With The Faeries

June 17th, 2014

Things have been a bit mad here for the last few weeks, lots of playing with children lots of organizing, tutu making, painting and knitting… and 6 hrs a week at the hospital!…as well as many other things!

I have done quite a bit of knitting but not really finished anything to show….

This weekend we will be heading off to the 3wishes faery fest to enjoy mid summer, as I type my children are pretending to be heading off to the festival and spotting faery’s! we are just so excited and cannot wait!

My daughter (3yo) asks how long till we go every day, and tells us that she is ‘waiting for the mermaids and faeries to be ready’ she has also been pretending to camp! shes so excited!!

I have a few knits I will be taking though I am not sure whether I will be wearing them, will just have to see what the gods decide the weather will be! sunny I hope!!..or at least little rain!

My outfits loosely fit the themes of the days, I really would have liked more in the way of costumes but my plans did not work out as I had thought,but then i just can’t help but think ‘there is always next year!’ 😀 I was planning to wear a white dress but couldn’t sort some problems in time, mind you I have a nice colourfull dress instead! I am not sure the hand warmers will go with it but worth giving it a go to see!

Most importantly I have wings  (nothing special) and my tu-tu is ready! along with the rest of the family so we are all set!…well just a quick wand check!

We live in a city so it is great to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life! to relax… there is a lovely song by Damh the Bard (under a Beltane sun) this  just sums it up for me, living near the moors it really is one of the songs that reminds me why we take time out to sit by rivers and and on ancient moorland enjoying just what mother earth has to offer us! the song is about Beltane and the song really sums it up well, but it also describes just how it feels when you head out of the city, when you feel that need, and are drawn to certain place to relax, spend some time with loved ones and have lots of fun.

The festival is held on some lovely land by the sea and it is just a magical place to be, ever since I was a child I have been visiting the Country Park that the festival is held on, I can’t even remember my first visit it was that early on in my life, and when I met my husband as well as once my son was born I just couldn’t wait to take them for an explore of the 865 acres! and my daughter got her first introduction on her trip last year.

With a jam packed timetable of activity’s and music I am sure we will not stop, but somehow this festival just seems to be the most relaxed, fun and enjoyable thing ever! coming away relaxed and refreshed even if a little tired!

I’m not going to pretend I am expecting to manage everything I want to do, so this year I am taking a ‘go with the flow’ approach…or should that be go with the fae!?

There are things I cannot do, in a wheelchair, or at least would worry that it just wouldn’t work out well, I may ask about a few things but honestly I really do not feel I will miss out, I can have a nice chilled little sit down with a drink and join in with other activity’s or just listen to the Amazing music while the others go off for a Flower Fairies Wild Foraging Walk or taking a walk to look for faeries! and of course me being me I will have my needles (or hook) to hand! with some vegan friendly yarn! 😀

While I take in the atmosphere I have no doubt my 2 little pixies will get up to some mischief !!

I cannot wait till the faery fun begins!

The faery world record is on Saturday and I believe this is free so if you have time or are close enough to join in the magic then why not come along too and be away with the faeries ….


by Juniper Askew

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