We don’t do seams!

October 9th, 2013

I’m not saying we never do seams but we (as a family) do prefer some things without seams, hand warmers for example not a fan of A big baulky seam up the arm or even a little seam, and my son is one for seamless more than the rest of us, so I find myself making a lot of seamless hand warmers, and arm warmers…the ones that are used by my son as amour! this got me going with avoiding seams, yes they are more comfy but also I HATE sewing up my seams at the end of knitting all the bits, I can sew but sewing knitting together is a whole different thing and after taking the time to knit something that I can’t wait to see on I then have to sew all the bits together, oh the frustration! more recently I have experimented with adapting patters so I don’t have to sew as much, and it’s going well! and sometimes not so well! I still sew a lot of things together some cardies, and tops that I have knitted for my son and daughter that start at one sleeve and finish at the other (knitted sideways) I have to sew up the sides, or at least I wouldn’t know how to do seamless! so I’m not saying we don’t do seams just if we can get away without it we will!

my current project is a seamless jumper for myself and when i eventually get round to finishing the arms i might share but for now here are some of my hand warmers (not my son’s ones though they have been left at school!) yay! he found them today so have added them 😀



026 001

by Juniper Askew

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