Vintage Knits For Afternoon Tea?

May 20th, 2014

A few weeks back I had a play around with some yarn, I was thinking about making a shawl but just wanted to have a play and see what I came up with, I didn’t really have anything in mind just a few hours with some needles and yarn, and after a while I came up with what was a lovely surprising pattern! I have never seen this pattern so I am not sure if it has a name or not!

My Lace Pattern

My Lace Pattern

A little edging added just for fun

A little edging added just for fun

This pattern struck me as something that would be perfect for a bridal shawl and I will be knitting up a shawl or two using this. But also after a little more playing and thinking, I came up with the perfect item for an elegant afternoon tea party.

pretty vintage lace hand warmers!

pretty vintage lace hand warmers!

I’m thinking, a lovely sunny day with high tea and pretty vintage lace hand warmers! or lace fingerless gloves for a lovely elegant summer wedding… I think they have a vintage look to them, so I am sure it is no surprise that I have fallen in love with them!

Knitting these as long fingerless gloves would be so pretty too so naturally I am eager to give this a go!

Today you will find me Knitting the other hand warmer and I should be finished soon, I really am enjoying knitting these and I WILL be knitting more as they are just so nice to knit up!

A while back I decided to do some knitting for myself, and had picked out some lovely hand warmers I had knitted for someone else. Well this never happened! and although one can never have too many hand warmers I am glad that I didn’t get around to making them because I feel a pair of these lacy ones coming my way! ๐Ÿ˜€ And they will be in time for ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’ along with many afternoon teas under the sun over the next few months ๐Ÿ˜€

by Juniper Askew

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