Villager Shawl Is Coming Along

March 4th, 2014

(picture By  Judith Brodnicki)

(picture By Judith Brodnicki)

Now that I am feeling much better I have a few projects I need to crack on with, the first is the other shawl for the film, this is coming along nicely now and I can start on the stripes that make up the boarder.

villager shawl

villager shawl

and I have that snowy jumper that is a replica of something seen in a shop, this is making slow progress and I am worried that the whole garment will stretch after being worn a few times, mostly around the shoulders, I have already had so much trouble with this and ripped it back so much to get the tension right that I am at the point of really not caring if I have to rip it back again….apart from the fact it is heartbreaking and I could cry into it…at least it would be soft I guess! for now I have put it aside and will work out just what to do soon…no piccy yet I’m afraid

by Juniper Askew

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