Tutu, Tent & knitting!

May 28th, 2014

As some of you may already know we are in the final few weeks of our count down to the 3 wishes faery fest 

We can’t wait and have been preparing for AGES!! I have made some mad hatters tea party hand warmers and my purple shawl just needs some fringing… last night I made my tutu!

My tutu

My tutu

We also made my son a pirate tutu! with green and black, he loves it, though I have no piccys yet! and along with a few other items we are nearly ready 🙂

One thing we just had to test was our tent, due to me not being able to help this year we needed one hubby can pitch himself.

So we tested the new tent in the garden this morning you would have thought that I would have taken some pics of the pitched tent right? erm…well I did think about it BUT the first thing I had to do was see were my knitting projects would be kept! I mean we will have this tent for years so I had to be sure that when we go away there is a safe spot…or two for my knitting!!

i found a nice little spot at the top of the tent...

I found a nice little spot at the top of the tent…

All tucked up in it's bag

All tucked up in it’s bag

quite happy with my knitting’s home, and the fact there were many more pockets to hold my stash if we were away for a while I investigated the tent more….

perfect spot in the sleeping area!

Perfect spot in the sleeping area!

As you can see there are at least 3 pockets for knitting in here! I can’t remember but I think there were 5!! 😀

So we have one very happy camper in our house…and the other 3 are pretty happy too!

It is nice to know that when it comes to camping and knitting I have all my priorities in the right place!

This tent was a Vango Air beam tent 😀

by Juniper Askew

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