That son of mine, helping to raise money

October 10th, 2013

Every morning my husband drops my son off at school, he attends breakfast club, not because we need the extra hours for us but because he goes to school much easier and happier, a year ago he had started playing up in the mornings and breakfast club seemed to turn his behaviour around, I think it was a mixture of not nagging him that he would be late to go in and knowing that he gets to do fun non school things in school! he use to play a lot in the mornings and not get ready and it is a much slower start to the day now.

Anyway last night he told my husband that one of the teachers wanted to talk to him when he drops off…ut oh..that’s what I always think, that what have you done feeling!

So off they went this morning to school husband ready to talk to one of the teachers, and it turns out that on a Wednesday afternoon she is in my sons class and they do craft activity’s, painting, sewing, glueing….anyway at the end they have a sort of ‘show and tell’ so my son had stood up and told everyone about the things I was making and the things I had knitted for the school fair, when he was done he was asked if he would like to bring things in next week to show the class but he thought that he wouldn’t be allowed (bless, if he’d asked I would have said yes) so his teacher asked my husband this morning, I am so glad that she did ask, I had no idea he wanted to show people what I have been busy with! I am so happy that he likes the things I have made and wants to share with everyone, and I will be sending him in with a few bits. it has made me happy as I am sure it would any mum, knowing that there children appreciate the things they do for them.

what I have learnt is not to think the worse, there was no reason for me to even suspect that my son had done anything wrong, in fact was I maybe in the wrong? if he didn’t think I would let him take something in to show was it because I give off that vibe? he does loose lots of things and it does drive me up the wall but if he wants to show things to his class I’m not going to say no, maybe i should tell him this!?

and drumming up interest in the school fair is great, it pays for so much from computers, stationary and books to claiming frames and and play trails we raise thousands of pounds each year and I’m happy my son wants to be a part of that!

here are some pictures of the things we make to sell at school feel free to copy any of it and maybe set up a fair to raise money for your school!

the thing at the back is a scarf, the teddys are in little sleeping bags


by Juniper Askew

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