That Darn Scarf!

November 7th, 2013

wooo, i finished the scarf, I know not exactly an achievement but I started a scarf for my little brother with his name, just 4 letters but I had never done letters before so I decided not to do colour work just multi chain around each letter, the letters are garter stitch and the rest stocking stitch, I had no end of problems to start with counting knit stitches then purl stitches! mistake after mistake but i got there after a while confidently knitting an purling along the row, I am not sure why I made so many mistakes I think it was just trusting the pattern! but as i grew in confidence and trusted that the pattern I was following was right, I really believed if I kept going it would look right in the end….about half way and I noticed something wasn’t right all but 1 letter was starting to take shape and look like the bottom half of its letter but that one, the letter ‘S’ was more than a little wonky, it was just one big block with a hole in it, more liKe a square….ut oh!

I was determined not to give up, I would be more disappointed in myself than anything! and I couldn’t face undoing the whole thing!

So I drew up a quick schematic of the letter to identify what was wrong and took to it with a crochet hook, dropping all the stitches I that  thought were wrong….that was a lot of stitches and a lot of rows! one by one I worked them up putting the purls and knits in the right place to successfully form a S  YAAY! some rows still to come were wrong so I put in stitch markers along the row at the strt and end of my ‘s’ and looked at what I wanted to do on each row to correct it.

my next problem was the crochet, I don’t do much other than around garments mostly boarders I have never struggled with it around clothes before but I did have to enlist a little help from a good friend and all was well, I had to extend the end and thought the best way was to crochet it, I am regretting that a bit as it took ages and I ran out of yarn as i wasn’t sure how much i would need so had to undo and rework it but got there in the end! this all just took me a while, I am so much quicker at knitting! but crochet is much easier to undo than knitting that is for sure!

for something so easy I have to admit it left me feeling a little deflated and knocked my confidence, I have done things so much more complicated than this yet this was so hard! just doesn’t make sense! I am putting most of that down to not being confident in my pattern, but fear this is just an excuse!

I had said I wouldn’t do another name on a scarf ever again, but I actually think I will, yes it was a pain and it took forever and was tricky but I learnt a lot from it, for one to check the pattern a bit more thoroughly! and I am glad I didn’t give up on it!

Looking back it really wasn’t so hard!

so here it is, that darn scarf!

Got there in the end!

Got there in the end!

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by Juniper Askew

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