T.B.K Finally Learns To Crochet!

August 4th, 2014

I don’t do much crochet, I have admitted a fair few times that I am no good at it, so when I was asked to do a couple of crochet items I was a little worried, but me being so stubborn when it comes to yarn craft thought I would be fine, and I was πŸ˜€

I took to my hook and crouched up these two items, a mobile phone case and a camera case, made to measure

made to measure mobile phone case and camera case

I do a fair amount of crochet around knitted items on edging and things, as well as playing about with items and ideas – they just don’t always go quite to plan, but I do feel I am improving!

Something I didn’t really struggle with was roses for a wedding, I was asked to do them and I have really enjoyed it, I really loved making up the pattern too, patterns is one part of knitting I love and it turns out I love making them in crochet just as much!

All together I needed 14 but did a fair few more, add to that the ones my daughter (of 3) kept steeling for herself….well I lost count!

yellow and cream wedding roses

I just need to sew the band on to make them into corsages – these are also great for brides and bride bouquets and bridesmaid posy’s.

with these recent items and some others I have worked on over the last few months (like on my wheels) I really feel I can crochet yaay!

I may still find it hard and I have an awful lot to learn but I am glad I kept trying because now I can crochet πŸ˜€


by Juniper Askew

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