Stop Off At The American Museum

September 2nd, 2014

Everyone here at the T.B.K house hold has been away, I had hoped to have some internet but I had no luck,

we had a fantastic time away mostly visiting family and friends but I did get the fantastic opportunity to go to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in bath we had such a lovely time, though my daughter preferred it outside running around the tree and playing with the fantastic pompoms hanging down, she has (as expected) requested some!

Kaffe Fassett exhibition bath, knitting exhibition pom-poms pompom yarn bomb tree

It was extremely hard for me to get pictures as I could not use a flash and the lights made all the pictures very yellow, even with good light my photos did not do the work justice but still got some great pics!

Kaffe Fassett exhibition bath, knitting exhibition Rose tapestry Kaffe Fassett exhibition bath, knitting exhibition Rose tapestry

I remember seeing these on the wall and thinking how stunning they were, truly amazing and mesmerizing, I would NEVER get bored of looking at them, it is a great example of why you really should visit exhibitions and not just look at the many pictures of the work! they look lovely here but no were near as captivating as they were on the day!

Kaffe Fassett exhibition bath, knitting exhibition feel and touch knitting

Hanging up were some items you can feel and touch, you could not touch any of the work on display but they had some items of different knitted textures, as I was using my wheelchair I could not reach them very easily but my son did a fantastic job of feeling and describing

Here is me and my two lovelies in front of the amazing tree, my only wish was that I saw it in the first week, it was so stunning I can only imagine how bright and wonderful it was when it all went up!

This picture does make me giggle as they (mostly my son) are posing a little too much!


We had a lovely day looking at the work and also going around the American museum in Britain, it is well worth the visit!

so many lovely photos still to share

by Juniper Askew

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4 comments on “Stop Off At The American Museum”

  1. chesterbunnynuts commented on 2nd September 201410:39 pm

    I only live a few miles from Bath, I'd better get there soon!

    1. juniperaskew commented on 2nd September 201410:58 pm

      you really should it is a smallish exhibition (though i was impressed!) well worth the visit, there is so much in a small space! also the American museum is great, some great quilting inspiration in the hall and in one of the rooms rooms. its like a huge book of quilts, i took so many photos of old quilts! there is more Kaffe in there too, form when he visited in the 60's if you can do go! not long now till it ends! 2nd nov... also for anyone else who wants to go i used a wheel chair and although there is a little more back tracking to avoid stairs i could access all of it, for an old house with narrow doors they have done well to make it accessible :D

      1. chesterbunnynuts commented on 23rd September 20148:36 pm

        Sounds fab I will make the effort and take Mum as she's a keen quilter!

        1. juniperaskew commented on 23rd September 20149:06 pm

          oh my she will love it! in the main museum, upstairs (i think) there are loads and loads of quilts!! so much inspiration...and in the stairwell some more lovely quilts, i think these are always there so even if the exhibition is gone she would really like these - i did!

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