Started The Jumper But Already Changed My Plan!

January 9th, 2014

Well it has come time to start the jumper I will be making for my mother-in-law, yay at last!

I managed to get some more wings made for my pixie but do still need to sew it up!

The thinking was to knit it in the round so off I went casting on over 230 stitches and trying to make sure it was not twisted as I joined for the round…a worrying moment! But it all went well and Ihad a lovely loop going around but as I was knitting I became a little worried that maybe I should have some slits up the side!? maybe it would help it hold it’s shape a little? and look less…erm…well tent like!?

Now this wasn’t in the original plan, and I am a little worried that it is not what was wanted but I do think that it will look a lot better so am going ahead with it….you know what that means!? I knew there would be some of this but had not thought that it would be so soon, yes! I was ripping back!

But now I have cast on another two sets of stitches and will join them for the round once they are the right length, I am doing two at a time with two balls of yarn, both spun from the same ball, hopefully it won’t take me too long to catch up!

As well as this I have a hat on the go, I had a hospital appointment and there was no way I was going to take the jumper to the hospital, with it being white and so big I don’t think I will take it out of the house, so I have started a 2×2 rib hat for my daughter.

Now I have actually started this jumper I am a lot more worried about how I will make it and how it will turn out! as I am knitting new questions keep popping up in my head and I am finding it hard to stick to my plan and do it how I had originally thought…but will keep going as planned and see were it takes me….scary!

The thing for me is that i like to design things on the needles, with work in my hand and designing as i go, this is a really simple pattern just a plain jumper with stripes and a v neck so i did not think it needed much thought at all, but now it seems i am thinking a lot and with thought come doubt! but we will have to see, if ot turns out that i have to rip it all back then i will, i just hope i don’t have to do that!

by Juniper Askew

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