Slow Post, Shawls and Lush Yarn

January 30th, 2014

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(picture By Judith Brodnicki)

I was awaiting some yarn to arrive for another shawl/wrap, knitted more like a scarf and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some lovely Rowan! I love the Debbie bliss I have been knitting with but I have to say I absolutely love rowan (who wouldn’t!) and am glad they are sponsoring some of the knits! I have had to buy some new needles to knit it with but to honest it was just an excuse! at some point this year I would have been buying them anyway, for this shawl I will be using 2mm possibly 2.25mm needles with 4ply yarn …the post seems to have been delayed, I payed for first class post on my needles and they arrived well passed the expected day! I don’t know if it is the weather or the postman/sorting office being slow but I do know I am not the only person in my area having problems! and to make it even more frustrating out post doesn’t arrive until late afternoon most days! I am hoping I can knit this one up quickly and get it sent off, the only good thing about waiting for the yarn to arrive was that I could push on with the first shawl and hopefully I will have it done to send off together.

The first shawl is nearly ready for stripes, I had thought from reading the pattern that it would be ready for them sooner however the measurements for how long to make it, other peoples suggestions ,is rather small, so I would prefer knit more  and trust myself, I feel doing less would be worse than doing more!

And now that I have the lovely squishy Rowan…I can’t stop feeling it….oooh, ahh…ok sorry am back with you now…where was i!? I have started knitting up this other shawl and although I am only around 7cm in it does look good! I am not sure that is flows..or floats!? as much as I would have thought but once it has grown I am sure it will feel very different.

The yarn is so nice to knit with, so smooth…it is black, I know I can hear your moans now, but it isn’t too bad, the quality of the yarn defiantly helps this, I always say “with black you need to trust your knitting” this is because it is hard to see mistakes and to see stitches (not that I look at my knitting), but maybe it should be more along the lines of “with black you need a good quality yarn!” because I haven’t struggled with this yarn being black! and knitting it up has been easier than cheap yarn! ok i know that is a given but this yarn really helps with the trust issues I seem have when it comes to black!

The main pattern is really easy and any beginner could knit it, I had thought that being on 2mm/2.25mm needles it would take  fooooorever to grow, but I (think) I am wrong about that, every so many rows I jump up in needle size, this makes a rib effect and because of that it has grown quicker than I expected it to! yay!

The thing I do like about this is that it is really easy and simple and the outcome is very effective as it is in a plain ‘knit’ I do tend to get board with these items however as I am changing needles every few rows it keeps it at least a little interesting!

Now the challenge is to see how quick it is to knit up!

for progress on knits for this film pop over to Orkney to Omaha!

by Juniper Askew

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