Shawl Pins & Fasteners

November 6th, 2014

After sending the shawl from the purple winter set off to it’s new home with a lovely lady, the subject of shawl pins came up. Until now I hadn’t really given this much thought, I always wrap mine around me and they stay pretty well. When we went to Stonehenge I took the ends and really wrapped it around, holding the left side with my right hand and the right side with my left hand. it stretched nicely around me, really hugging, thankfully it went back to it’s normal lovely shape after 😀

I can manage without, but a shawl pin would be lovely. It adds that finishing touch, from casual pin to something more pretty when you want to go out.

There are so many different pins and fasteners! I did wonder what would be best, Cynthia (the lady who bought the shawl) had a lovely suggestion as to what would work well, and I have to say I do agree…

Here are two pins that Cynthia has had made for her by the very lovely Lorraine of

shawl pin purplered shawl pin

I absolutely love these so I popped over to her Facebook page to take a peek of what other items she makes. I found some lovely jewellery. So if you find yourself in need of a shawl fastener or maybe a new item of jewellery I am sure Lorraine could make you something special 😀

by Juniper Askew

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One comment on “Shawl Pins & Fasteners”

  1. Lorraine commented on 12th November 20147:46 pm

    Thank you so much for this lovely article Juniper. It was lovely of you to mention me in your blog. I am now in the process of making more for orders that have come in on sight of the first two.

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