Shawl, Hat and ArmWarmer Set

October 27th, 2014

As the weather turns cold we are all looking to items that will keep us and others warm and protected from the wind, the days are getting shorter and although all reports are saying it has been warmer than past years I for one am feeling the chill.

A while back I got and order For a lovely set to be knitted in purple and I just knew I would love making it, this was for some lovely lace wrist/arm warmers, a hat with a lace rim and a shawl just like the one I knitted earlier in the year.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed knitting this set! as with any lace work it did take me a while to get into the rhythm of the pattern but once I was in the swing of things it really did come along.

When the order was placed the waiting time was pretty long as I had been asked to do lots of knitting, but as the days started turning colder I was keen to get this order out to were it needs to be, and i was keen to get started on a set πŸ™‚

This set was all knitted in purple with a yarn that changes colour as you knit giving it a lovely effect as you knit.

vintage purple shawl lace had warmers, arm warmers, wrist warmers mitts, lace hat

These really are pretty

lace hand warmers, arm warmers

lace hand warmers, arm warmers

What I really love about this shawl is the ‘lines’ of colour that run up and down each side in a v shape it makes a lovely effect.

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap

also it did strike me how different each ball of yarn is, I know when buying yarn you do expect this and I really do feel it gives every shawl it’s own unique pattern and colour while still having the same set of colours and lovely yarn of other shawls of the same type, it’s own individuality of how the colours flow when knitted up, it’s just another reason i love knitting these shawls.

These are two shawls knitted with the same colourway yarn and you can see the subtle difference between the two.

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap, comparing yarn colour per ball

vintage purple shawl triangle wrap, comparing yarn colour per ball

It will be really nice to knit more of these and I have found a love for knitting up sets of matching items πŸ˜€

Just another quick and exciting note, a lot of my website is up and running now and I am told it won’t be long at all till my blog posts are moved over to the website with everything else, there will still be some changes going on for quite a while as some pages are still being constructed but why not pop over to the website and get familiar with it, all links work (I hope!)

by Juniper Askew

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2 comments on “Shawl, Hat and ArmWarmer Set”

  1. Beth commented on 19th January 20155:51 pm

    Beautyful shawl! And my favourite colour. I am also a bendy knitter...type 3. And knitting was my refuge when I started to have cronic pains at 36...than I start to dye yarn and got addicted to natural soft fibers (sensitive skin...) and colours. You can visit my blog and see my yarns. I added your blog in mine, not everyday that I find a bendy knitter like me :) All the best for you :)

    1. juniperaskew commented on 10th February 20157:11 pm

      aw thank you, it is lovely to hear you have been able to use your love of yarns to make fantastic colour blends and a whole new way for you to enjoy yarn, i think that with chronic pain conditions adapting so we can keep the things we love is great were possible, your yarns look lovely, so good to hear you can still have fun with yarn :D

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