Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

November 15th, 2014

As some of you may know it was children in need yesterday, this is where the whole country comes together to donate money for children charities across the UK, the theme this year is super heroes, my son dressed up as The Doctor, this is great but he dresses like this most days!

the doctor nov 2014

I did attempt to get him to tuck his shirt in but apparently this is how it is meant to be….humm not sure I would agree. This evening I raised the subject matter of how the waistcoat was too small now; he was having none of it despite him saying how he’d had it for so many years! The amount of times we have said he can’t wear it again! Well I have lost count, it is not like it is his only waist coat he has quite a few more. I have to say though for a child’s item that you wouldn’t expect them to wear much it has lasted well. It has been put through a lot and stood up to the test of time!

What I really wanted to write about is this ‘Super Girl’ outfit, we asked my daughter what super girl wears so she reeled off; a skirt, a bag, a belt and a bracelet, this was already on top of a cape which is a given!!

I knew I could not knit this one up in a few days, and my sewing ability is not what it used to be, so sewing has been handed over to my husband. He has done a few simple sewing items but never a big outfit like this, and we had to use all up cycled items as we only had items in the house.

This is what he sewed up

super girl nov 2014

I cannot say how impressed I am, although my husband knows he has a long way to go till he is making fine garments this is an amazing attempt at something that is quite complicated, and his first time at anything more than patching up things. Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need

So he deserves a very big well done, I can’t wait to see what is next!

I knitted up the bag, my daughter chose the colours as we knitted, letting me know just how much and in what order, and the sash was made with the scraps I had in my box, I loved working on this with my husband and my daughter. She loved her outfit and loved being a part of it, helping to choose how it was made, and when asked who made it she very proudly announced ‘Daddy’ 😀

by Juniper Askew

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One comment on “Sewing Hero Costume For Children In Need”

  1. Lorraine Jane Cannell commented on 15th November 20143:16 pm

    Both outfits look fabulous! Well done both of you for creating such wonderful clothing. I am sure that both children felt very excited about them and should know they looked fantastic. Even if the shirt was out it was theoretically correct as Dr Who does wear his like that some of the time. Loved them! xx

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