Replicating A Knitted Garment

December 26th, 2013

It was my mother in-laws birthday this month and we popped to her for a visit, we (the family) were throwing her a surprise party so it was our (my husband and myself) job to get her out of the house, this was quite exciting for me, as you know I am a bit obsessed with knitting, so when I read in my magazine that there was a wool shop near her I got excited! we couldn’t travel all that way and not pop in to the shop!! it had been our understanding that there was only one ‘knitting’ shop in her town that had been there for donkeys years, so I was super keen to visit! getting her out of the house for a few hours was the perfect excuse for a peek at this shop,and such a believable reason! I am glad we went because my husband made a decision on what yarn he would like to crochet his cloak with and I picked up some more patterns…how could I resist!!

When we got to the party my Brother inlaw asked if we really spent a few hours in the wool shop…I was thinking ‘that was a quick trip! I could happily spend days in these shops!!’

Once we were done we needed to head to another shop were my mother in law showed me a top she had been eying up, it was knitted but they didn’t have her size …well you know what I am like!! that I can do!!  we hadn’t bought her a Christmas present yet as we had no idea what to buy her and I didn’t want to knit her something she wouldn’t want, I had told her if she wanted anything knitted (ever) to tell me and I’ll knit it up, this was perfect so I told her I can sort if for her,  this is when she said her size wasn’t there, I said it doesn’t matter, I can make it just right!

The next day I took her measurements and asked exactly what she would like, the one she saw had a round neck, did she want that or something else? I will be making it a v-neck! and when I was measuring arm length I asked if she would like it longer!? the thing here is that my son likes really long sleeves that he can turn back if he needs… mother in-law wanted shorter sleeves so I measured to were she wanted it, perfect 😀

oh and because this is me making it so i will be avoiding seams! I anticipate this being seamless with maybe just shoulder seams sewn together with Kitchener stitch. i have no idea how long this will take me, but she knew that it wouldn’t be started untill after Christmas.

This is what I love about knitting, when you like something but it isn’t quite right you can just change it! we all prefer things different so why not have it that way!?

This is defiantly how I feel about her, she has done so much for me over the last 14 years, always been there and treated me just like one of her own, she is such a nice person and I would be lost without her (how many of us can say that about their in-laws!?) I know I am lucky and she deserves something that she likes and fits well! I just hope it turns out ok!!

She doesn’t live close by so I will have to hope it fits well, however I am prepared for a good amount of ripping back if it doesn’t fit!

Today I spent a long time sourcing yarn that matches the jumper, she would like it not to be wool as it is itchy on her so thought it best to stay clear of animal products, this was a bit hard as the jumper is in stripes of sequence yarn and fluffy yarn, I am going to try some sort of eyelash yarn but some of the wools I have seen would have worked really well!

I have decided that cotton is a very safe bet so am going with 1000% cotton and will hunt around for something soft and furry ….I feel a shopping trip coming on!! 😀

This is my very first attempt at replicating something from the shops, in an exact fit to someone who is hundreds of miles away, with adaptions, but I am confident (for now) that it will all go swimmingly!

wish me luck!

slightly different, a v neck, and shorter sleeves as well as it fiting in the way she wanted

by Juniper Askew

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  1. Missy's Crafty Mess commented on 26th December 20139:01 pm

    Good luck. Can't wait to see progress. What a great excuse to shop for yarn.

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