Proud Of The Crocheter In Our Family

February 7th, 2014

My husband may not like that I have put this to the world but I am proud of him and a very proud wife should be allowed to show off her husbands work once in a while!?

He had decided to start crocheting a few years ago, I am hopeless at it and can only do a few things, I am ok with crochet edging and I can seem to do small toys/animals, really I am not too bad but I just have so many …not so good days!… well my husband did spend a lot of time with me helping me work out the ‘code’ and how to crochet, so he picked it up while trying to show/help me..he is much better at it!

I can knit so much quicker however there are times when knitting just wont do and crocheting it is better… for example a crochet ‘bottom’ on something holds out so much better than a knitted one, knitted things do tend to stretch more, and if you want something to stand up or be stiff, this is achieved so much better with crochet! so it really does have a good firm place in the crafting world…

Back to my husband…

As you may know I had a lot of knitting to do back in December and leading up to my children’s birthday, so my husband took it upon himself to make something for my son,  my son loves the t.v program phineas and ferb and on the show there is a platypus/secret agent…Perry or his spy name is Agent P.. so my husband crochet up Perry the platypus for him..

      yes he is meant to be that colour! 😀

Next…big creation will be Agent P…. if he gets the time that is!

by Juniper Askew

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3 comments on “Proud Of The Crocheter In Our Family”

  1. lucentperegrine commented on 7th February 20145:17 pm

    Reblogged this on Druid, Dad, Developer and commented: That's me I guess. :-D

  2. Talking Trees Gallery commented on 8th February 201412:28 pm

    Tell your husband I knew it was a platypus before I read the post just from the photo! Excellent!

  3. juniperaskew commented on 8th February 20142:06 pm

    thank you :D he is happy it looks right :)

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