Positvity from knitting and crafts

October 25th, 2013

sleep, we all need it right!? well I get that but I struggle with sleep, some days I take minutes to drop off and have a great night sleep and could go on sleeping all day (sometimes I do because there is no waking me!) but more often than not lately I just can’t sleep sometimes it takes me hours or I will sleep for an hour then be awake for many more, I try to stay in bed so I am at least well rested but I can’t help think that I could be doing better things with my time than trying to sleep! like knitting! this thought usually just gets me more wound up!

Recently I have started to think sleep is a waste of time, yes we all needed it but all the things I could do if I didn’t have to sleep! but then when I don’t sleep much for days on end I will have a big long sleep for a few days! is this healthy? I’m still getting the right amount in the end right?

I didn’t sleep much last night and in the end I ended up taking some stronger pain killers than normal to eases the pain, once it had settled I slept really well, but now I am so tired and have a house full today!

but when I am this sleepy I know that, if I can hold my needles, I will be knitting away and still doing something rather than just sitting around watching TV or doing nothing! it makes me feel more positive about lack of sleep, don’t get me wrong having kids and being obsessed with doing my knitting means that just like the rest of you i drink plenty of coffee to keep me awake till the afternoon but if I didn’t have knitting to keep me going I wonder if maybe I would fall into the lounge on the sofa type!

Were as now I’m the lounge on the sofa and knit type! 🙂

It keeps me going and gives me something to keep my mind ticking over, and I am sure I am more positives as I can actually do something useful,

That’s been what knitting really means to me, it means I am doing something useful, I’m not your ‘normal’ mum who keeps the house tidy and spends hours cooking each meal, don’t get me wrong I would love to be that type of mum and give it a good go whenever I can, I am very lucky to have my husband! but i do feel like it is me who helps keep them warm, and clothed, I am managing to bring out a sence of imagination and creativity in them trough knitting, my son askes for thigs he would like knitted and how he would like them, sometimes I think they sound odd but in the end it seems to work out quite well and I am sure my daughter will be asking too in a few years!

They both like to knit!, my son being 7 is getting there now and My 2year old daughter helps me hold the needles and wrap the wool and I’m thinking she will be knitting in no time!

I do think knitting can bring a lot to people, making them More happy and more positive, as with many crafts I think it could be used more to help people feel better about themselves or there situation, I have seen from others (and I have felt) the scene of achievement from finishing the first small scrap and the first projects, the chat that comes from knitting, and the support people give each other! for me it gave me the feeling of self worth that I could achieve something for my family when I was not very mobile, I think we could all slow down and pick up a craft of any sort maybe to share with others, just to give a little more positivity to people who need it, or just for yourself, you may not think you need any of the things (or feeling) crafts offer but when you befit from it in any way you really feel it!

I have been told knitting is ‘boring’ but my children never seem bored with it, right now my son is winding yarn with his great grandma! he’s happy and smiling they are both laughing and this time for them both is so valuable! knitting it brings so much to our family, I can’t run around with them or go on long hikes like when my son was younger, but I am loving the time we are spending together knitting and crafting it is valuable time with my children 🙂



by Juniper Askew

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One comment on “Positvity from knitting and crafts”

  1. susan101wilson commented on 31st October 201311:31 pm

    Great way of teaching a way to help your son understand the enjoyment of making somthing for others or himself. I use to do this but my eyesight is up and down from scar tissue on my optic nerve. So, I write any moments my eyes are working well, lol. Thanks for visiting my page, it is mainly to get feedback on my writing. Should come out maybe in a week or two. It's my first book so I need to learn a lot. Thanks again, Susan Wilson

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