Plymouth Flavour Fest

June 3rd, 2016

We have been away having a great time with family this week when we returned our cupboards were empty!

This weekend is the flavour fest, today was the first day and it runs over the weekend, hey have cooking demonstrations which ‘pretzel boy’ loved, and lots of yummy food stalls. We tasted so many lovely foods it was hard to decide what we should buy.

This is a selection of foods we tried and bought today, I can say we have defiantly restocked!

Many snacks were eaten and lovely lunch had

This was quite possibly pretzel boys, favourite, scrummy fudge!

Flavour Fest 2016 fudge

Yummy pies!

Flavour Fest 2016 pie pies

Cheese, chutney and chilli jam!

Flavour Fest 2016 cheese chutney chilli jam

This next one is quite possibly our favourite!

Flavour Fest 2016 lemon curd jam

We love the lemon curd, so lush! The jams are the best! We hoped before we went that The Cherry Tree would be there!!

We tried Some lovely salami and chorizo!

Flavour Fest 2016 lovely salami and chorizo!

SWEETS!! The children ate a few, this was what was left

Flavour Fest 2016 sweeets

…and candy floss!

Flavour Fest 2016 candy floss

In our house we are great lovers of popcorn, we always see these but are not brave enough to buy a whole bag, today we got to taste them and ended up with a bag or two!

Flavour Fest 2016 popcorn

There was also a lot of products being demonstrated we are considering the home made yogurt we saw, and chatted to a lovely lady about the cheese making kits. After trying the cheese, we have decided we will defiantly be visiting the shop and buying the kit to make cheese with the children in the summer, our little faery LOVES cheese!

we not great at making omelettes, I use too be but lately we have just given up, they were demonstrating these so we thought we would give it a go!

Flavour Fest 2016 omlett


We also bought some sausages and lots of other bits. we all had a different lunch as there was soooo much choice! So many snacks too… we had churros, Rollo cakes, rice, noodles, cookies….the list would go on for a while! So if you love food and get the chance – visit this weekend!

by Juniper Askew

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