Our Summer From Our Doorstep

July 25th, 2014

The summer holidays have started and wow is it hot! for us the holidays started on Monday (or is that Friday!?) and we have been trying to make the most of it with a good fun- work balance! we have just waved good by to some friends and congratulating ourselves on getting trough the first week!

Our aim this summer is to make good use of all the amazing things that are right on our doorstep we live in beautiful Devon and we are right on the boarder to Cornwall!

You remember a few weeks back we had those teacher strikes!? well we made the most of that with a lovely day out to Cornwall, my son goes to a school where they have 3 classes to the year and his class was the only one out of the 3 in his year to have the day off…again! I cant complain we had a great day at Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park!

it was great for me as the disabled access was good and we had very few problems with the wheelchair, to get ho the house there are a few options, there are foot boats from Plymouth or if you choose to drive you can go over the Tamar bridge (a Brunel bridge) or take the tor point ferry, I am sure that there would be buses if you chose the bus or the train!

Disabled parking was also good we parked down near the foot ferry but you can also park right next to the house itself if you have a blue badge

The day was great we left when we were tired, and it was quite late, finished off with an ice cream of coarse!

day out cornwall
We had a lovely look around the gardens

Drakes Island
and a look out to see, Drakes island!

Mount Edgcumbe Ducks
To the duck pond, some lovely pink lilies and the view behind me is a stone beach and the sea! is that rain clouds!

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
We trundled trough some of the gardens and under a tree!

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
Trough a secret walk way…or kisses tunnel as my husband said giving me a kiss on the cheek!

Mount Edgcumbe House
and up to the house

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
lunch was taken outside the house

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
and this was our view! who wouldn’t want to roll down that hill!?

Darcey Bussell Rose - Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
More walking around the gardens to a lovely flower garden wee my two could ave spent hours literally smelling the roses!

Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park
lovely little ‘maze’ garden with a pond, look at those oysters!

There were so many lovely gardens tucked away, we didn’t even scratch the surface! we will be taking another visit to discover the bits we missed!

We had a great  day and a taste of just what is on our doorstep, that is when we realised that we will make the most of it this summer holidays!

We have realised just how much we take for granted, and how many amazing places are tucked away around us, and although we will be visiting family at the end of the summer we are looking forward to our staycation!

This is also the grounds were the 3 Wishes Faery Fest it held! here are my blogs of our faery fun..

fae weekend

back with human kind

faery bubbles

more to come on what we have done this week!

by Juniper Askew

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