Our Little Knitters Are So Creative!

May 14th, 2014

you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while, things have been super busy in our house this month, but then when is it not!?

I have been doing lots of fun and creative things with my children over the last few weeks, lots of clay, painting and making.

I have also been spending 6 hours a week at the hosp doing a course to manage my EDS a little better 🙂 only just started it so a good few weeks to go.

While I am on the subject of creativity and children, and also how I have been thing of art lately I want to bring you back to the lovely miss J who I have posted about once or twice

She is a very creative lady and thinks up some amazing things (with the help of her brill mum)

She spent some time making an old lady and old man, and what do old lady’s do? as well as little girls!

old man and old lady

old man and old lady

Well, they knit!

‘J’ made this lady and she wanted her to be knitting so she took two cocktail sticks and knitted up a wee bit of knitting for her old lady! how amazing is that! I can’t imagine how fiddly that must have been.

old lady knitting

old lady knitting

she looks really good

well done J xx


by Juniper Askew

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