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November 28th, 2014

I have not been online in a few days as we have been moving the house around so things are a bit more accessible for me, well when I say ‘we’ what I mean is that hubby has done the moving and I have been ordering him around!

We have moved the lounge down to what was the study/craft room (where I stored my yarn) Then moved all the craft and study stuff up to the lounge/diner which we are now calling “the craft room” the dining table generally gets used as a craft table when we are not eating.

It is nice because we realised that the T.V was very distracting for everyone when it was on, we are hoping if it is out of the way then we can convince the children to focus more on doing rather than watching. In the past few months they have found more things on the T.V that they want to watch so less would be good!

We also realised the study was actually very big, we can have the T.V and sofas in the room with space to play on the floor, and as we only want the sofa and T.V in the room it is perfect!

The desk has been moved up (we have two steps separating the rooms) with the shelves and other bits. This means that my craft items and wool are easy to get to, and the children’s craft items have been moved too so we can all craft away together. It is nearer the table and desk for convenience. The desk is now a work desk for hubby but also a sewing desk and has plenty of room for cutting, he likes to sew as well as crochet, I got a good deal with this one 😀 Most importantly for hubby he is close to the rest of the family rather than stuck away in a cluttered room, and he can help me with fetching things and moving around now he is closer.

The best thing for me is that I can get to all the craft things and get help easily as well as being near everyone as we knit, sew and paint away, and we have kept a nice comfy chair up in the now ‘craft room’ for me to sit on. I don’t intend to go down to the lounge very often as I can not go up and down the steps very easily and it is too far away from the rest of the house (although it is right next to the craft room) I don’t use the T.V most of the day until the evening when we settle down after the children have gone to bed and watch something, often hubby sits and works and I knit, so this solution is ideal, we can be up in the craft room most of the day, working or crafting and being the family unit we want to be and I can access items and help easily without a huge commotion!

We have had a massive declutter and hopefully we can find a good sensible home for everything and make our lives that much easier.

we are still finding a home for everything but i am enjoying making the space workable for all of us 😀



by Juniper Askew

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