One Step Too Far!?

March 15th, 2014

I am one of those people who will knit anywhere, in the obvious places like waiting rooms, car, cafe..even when friends are over for a cuppa and a in depth chat, I will knit while waiting for my children to come out of school and even out on day trips! and up until my daughter was a little over 2years I knitted while breastfeeding her!

I am sure if we actually went to the cinema I would even knit there!

And if I could find a way to do it I would knit in the bath!

But when does it become one step too far?

In our house knitting is always acceptable! and my family know that I will take it everywhere, my in-laws never ever question it, in fact I am sure they would question why I wasn’t knitting!

For me I can knit and do almost anything, just because I am knitting does not mean I am not paying attention, I can watch a film and still know what has happened, and have conversations about anything while knitting, I am sure many knitters feel the same.

But a lot of people would say it is rude, if you are knitting then you are not paying attention, or that you are bored so “had to get the knitting out!” and yes sometimes that is the case but not always, and not for someone who has been knitting for years!

I feel that it is a fine line, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone but I just can’t bring myself to put my knitting down! why would I need to put it down when having a good old natter…

There must be times when it is one step too far, I am just hoping that I will realize before I step over that line!

 so when going out on a little get together how many of us pop our yarn into our bag ‘just in case!’?

….I do!

by Juniper Askew

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5 comments on “One Step Too Far!?”

  1. Tina commented on 16th March 201412:05 am

    Love your post! For me personally, I seem to pay more attention when knitting than not. I take my projects everywhere as well but haven't got up the courage to take my knitting with me to a business meeting yet. Maybe some day ☺️

  2. ukcrochetpatterns commented on 16th March 201412:40 pm

    I take something to crochet everywhere!

  3. juniperaskew commented on 16th March 20143:04 pm

    I love that you both take your project everywhere too, I do find myself wondering how it would go down in a business meeting, if I was in the meeting I would think it was great!....and get mine out too :D

  4. juniperaskew commented on 15th September 20141:06 pm

    Reblogged this on The Bendy Knitter and commented:

    This has been something i have been thinking about again, i know may people who would take knitting or crochet to a meeting, should i?

  5. Enid Shaw commented on 17th September 201412:14 am

    I try to have small projects to work while on buses. I even take them to the Darts matches and work on them when not throwing the arrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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