Now I can not deny I am an obsessed geek!

November 2nd, 2013

I know I have said I am obsessed with knitting but I never really thought I was, well tonight I finally realised I am a knitting geek, I like many others couldn’t help but tune into the Norwegian sheep to jumper record attempt! I thought I would only watch for a little but I got hooked! I am still sat here while they knit away at it, they may not have come in first, second or even 5th but I have to give it to these gal’s how many of us could really knit for this long with sore sticky fingers!? I know I would be exhausted and sleepy! they have done so well and even now they are laughing and smiling! (after over 6hr and still going!) possibly because they are exhausted! the whole thing has for me been truly inspirational! watching the wool being spun, by hand! has made me wish I could do it, I don’t think I can as I always have to wear gloves but it looks so relaxing,I love the idea of seeing the whole process trough, from sheep to hand spun wool then into every stitch till it is made into something, the whole process has always felt like a appealing one to me, I guess it really makes me feel that the knit that comes out of the process has really been cared for from start to finish, normally we would wash it and dye it and just take so much time love and care to produce something that is surly phenomenal to the person who makes it!? and the knitting going on even hours in still speedy!, I think by now I would be dropping stitches!

and final time is 8:35:23 (8hr 25min 23sec)

so well done lady’s, but I do look forward to watching the next attempt, wonder who it will be,

one thing is for sure I will be hooked!

rules and requirements as well as attempts!

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by Juniper Askew

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