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October 17th, 2014

We finally got the new gallery up and running on my website, I couldn’t help but throw a spanner in the works with all the little touches I wanted – which turned out to be not quite as little as one would first think!

I have no idea what it takes to build a website and how much work can go into something that seems to me as one quick change!

I love my new gallery and am looking forward to adding more pictures as well as knitting up more of these items, now everyone can all browse and choose what you would like!

A very big Thank You to Grove Web Solutions for listening to what I want, putting up with my ‘little changes’ and making the experience of moving to my own website an enjoyable, fun and exciting experience…not much left and I will be fully moved over 😀

Hope you all like it – here is the link


by Juniper Askew

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