Neat Garter Stitch Edges

April 12th, 2014

I am sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone, it seems that everywhere we look there are bunny’s being made, after all it is that time of year, they are multiplying quickly! especially the knitted ones!

So I jumped on the band wagon and picked up my needles, I thought I would give a bunny a go and started crunching the numbers and working out how to make a bunny, and I am quite pleased with the results,

Arms were pretty easy, I decided to just go for straight arms and legs, though when sewing it up I did accidentally put the arms were the legs should go 😮 quite funny, and gave some lovely ladies a good old giggle, I spent quite some time trying to get those off!

The head and body weren’t two bad either and the ears, I had an idea of what I would do as well as the tail.

I decided to write the pattern as I knitted, I am very much the sort of person who likes making patterns with work on my needles, so off I went…

It is in stocking stitch EXCEPT for the ears, I wanted them to be at least a little stiff and the same on both sides, this could not be achieved with stocking stitch, so garter stitch it was, as I was knitting I was thinking that lots of people say that they don’t like the edging on garter stitch, and how with stocking stitch you can get nice little stitch’s up the side that look neat and are really helpful for picking up stitches,, well this can be achieved with garter stitch too!

Here is my little trick for neat garter stitch edges

left neater
left neater?

These are my bunny ears, both are garter stitch but as you can see the left (all white) ear has little ‘v’s running up the edges and on the other ear (pink) it has bumps, now of coarse some times you will want one effect and other times not, but I do like how nice the finish looks and when picking up stitches it makes it much easier, quicker and even if you pick up trough the ‘v’

To do this is really really simple!

You may already be doing this to make your stocking stitch look neat? if you slip one knit-wise on sticking stitch you get a neater edge like above, but slipping one knit-wise on garter stitch doesn’t work out as neat BUT if you slip one purl-wise on every row of garter stitch then you get this mice neat edge 😀


Slip one PURL-wise, yarn forward (put yarn to front of work as you would to knit) then knit the rest of the row.

Do this on the first stitch of each row and it should look neat and even xxx

And here are my bunny’s I made,

Knitted Bunny Rabbit pattern in stocking stitch available Here

and in Garter stitch available HERE

knitted bunny 1
knitted bunny 1

knitted bunny 2
knitted bunny2


by Juniper Askew

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