National Marine Aquarium

August 6th, 2016


Another trip out for our tribe was the National Marine Aquarium learning about all the things wet and scaly! My little mer-fae loved it and my steampunker loved it more than I thought he would, we have visited here many times over the years, we lived right by it so on the way home from town, uni, preschool, we would take a stroll through, it was (is) a great dry place for a walk and when I was pregnant with my little mer-fae it was a favourite, they use to play whale noise (no longer so) and she loved it! When I was in the early stages of labour we took a waddle around to try and help things along.

We haven’t been in some time and a lot had changed, it was well worth the visit!


the staff were great

staff at National Marine Aquarium

big tanks!

National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium shark

National Marine Aquarium ray

National Marine Aquarium tank

Every time we visit we have to have pics with the jelly fish!

National Marine Aquarium jelly fish

National Marine Aquarium jelly fish

we were luck this time and got to see the turtle 😀

National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium turtle


by Juniper Askew

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