My view while I knit

October 24th, 2013

I spend a lot of my day knitting, mostly indoors at home, my view that I have is not as interesting as in my old house and I often wish I had a better view, or that I could still go to coffee shops and knit over coffee most days….but as the year has gone by I have really enjoyed watching these little things grow and what seemed like two to start with has now populated to so many that I haven’t managed to count all of them, I do know there are more than 10!

my view while I knit

my view while I knit

you may need to click on this to see them!

I have seen them grow and learn to fly, when they first started popping out it was just for a look and a play about but now they are fly out and back again, I am loving it

watching them fly

watching them fly

I like seeing their reactions to things and you can see that even birds have different personality as some bolt back into the bush with any noise and others are a bit more daring and nosey! then you can see them one by one pop out again after a noise

although I use to think a view was much better, I am loving the view I have and wouldn’t change it!

by Juniper Askew

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