My second ever project! “just a phase!”

October 23rd, 2013

well when I say second what I mean is no little ‘practice’ squares and simple blankets or scarf’s, an actual item!

up until this I had knitted a blanked which my daughter now uses for her dolls, it is just a huge piece of knitting that i practised on 14years ago when I was learning, I put my needles down for years after that, swooped up in romance, leaving home, creating my nest and all the things you do in your late teens, early 20’s I briefly attempted to pick them up again when I was pregnant with both my koalas, but baby brain did not do me any favours and I could not make head nor tail of anything beyond eating pineapple!

but with my second pregnancy my health went a bit down hill and after having my daughter I was house bound, not able to walk far at all, and after a few months I decided to pick up my needles once again, positive that I could do it,  I had more determination to contribute to our family I think it was because there was little I could do around the house! Also I had the time and wasn’t going anywhere fast so why not! I dug out (when I say I what I actually mean is my husband!) all my old knitting bits and bought a simple side way knit top, I knitted it up in yellow and white and opted to do it for a two year old, even though my daughter was a few months old, as it would take me over a year to do seen as I had not ever followed a pattern and it was over 13years since I picked up needles!

It was complete in a few weeks! and my ‘practice’ jumper did not look like a practice it looked good enough to wear, so I decided to knit up a ‘proper’ jumper one that I wasn’t calling my ‘practice’ jumper and so after a few weeks (2 I think) I produced this for my daughter….

my second 'knit'

my second ‘knit’

this is all stocking stitch and the pink strips are in garter stitch, the edging is crochet and I had decided to add a boarder on the bottom too and the only sewing is up the side!

it has had an awful lot of wear, she has been wearing it for at least a year, it was just looking a bit long and warm to start with and now fits quite nicely, it’s had muddy days and lots of play and is still in one piece! (this photo was taken in the last few days!)

naturally I thought this was just a phase and at some point I would stop, or give up on it, surly I would never knit a lot of projects or have the patiences to keep going, but I was hooked! there was this little fight in me that knitting seemed to unlock, that stubbornness of “I will learn this” and “I am not giving up! I will keep doing things until i got it right” and now I often say “there is nothing I wont try and nothing I can’t do” because eventually I will get  there in the end and the time taken to practice and learn something was well worth it!

I am still knitting and declared this year that it is not just a phase!

I can’t see myself stopping any time soon!

and so if you sometimes get frustrated keep going at it and suddenly something will ‘click’ and you will wonder why it was so hard before

happy knitting!

*oh and my header at the top with my name in is a zoomed in part of this top! 😀

by Juniper Askew

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