My number one mess and hassle free way to keep my son quiet

October 26th, 2013

My son is messy, noisy,active and well crazy! but i found out, by accident how to keep him quiet and save me a job….who said child labour is bad!

yesterday my nan came over for the day, and she brag me lots of goodies 😀  some wool/yarn for me that she won’t use so being the enthusiastic knitter I am I snapped it up!

most of this wool/yarn is older than I am

most of this wool/yarn is older than I am

and she also brought her wool winder for me to use, which was great as I had loads of wool that needed winding!

my children love there ‘nanna’ (great grandma) but they do sometimes get a little board as she doesn’t really enjoy any of their games or the things they talk about, don’t get me wrong she loves them to bits and plays with them a lot but their interests are just so different…. can’t see her building lego for hours on end!

well I hardly heard a peep out of them for 6 hours! my son loved the wool winder and wound so much of my wool, he’s now all for doing some of the wool in the pic above tomorrow! and that is all that needs doing now as all the rest has been done!

now this is odd for my son, he’s always been known in both nursery and school as going from one thing to the next, never settling for long at anything,even his knitting is a work in progress a few rows at a time as i am sure it is for many children, so winding wool for 6hr (with lunch in the middle) is very unlike him, some balls got knotted and he had to wait while the knots were undone, at this point he would usually find something much more interesting to do but no he sat there and wound a little bit at a time till all knots were out and yarn wound up! my nan at one end checking for knots and undoing them and him at the other winding it all in, when it was time for my nan to go he still had 3 balls in the bag so she let us…. I mean him borrow it, he wound the last ones himself with no help, I’m not even sure how to work it but he knows!

there’s that little bit of me, the bad parenting side that thinks…..”well, on the days when I am at the end of my tether, I can find some wool (or undo some) just to keep him quiet or still” and I am sure that thought will be a tempting one most days!but the good parent side of me is so pleased with him, he has been so organised with it and happy and it was a lot of work and patience for him, he even packed it all away for me at the end of the day! and he really feels he has achieved something!

now my number one mess and hassle free way to keep my son quiet and amuse is winding yarn!

some of the balls my son wound!

some of the balls my son wound!


by Juniper Askew

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