My First Granny Squares!

August 12th, 2014

I have recently been attempting some crochet,crochet is not something that came easy as I have mentioned many times ( like here.. Learns To Crochet!) but with some gentle encouragement…and those Wedding Roses I feel that I am getting there.

The lovely people over on my facebook page has been so kind and encouraged me with my crochet, a Big Thank You to those lady’s xxx

I have been doing lots of knitting in the last few weeks, some lace work and some simple knits that are worked in fairly plain garter stitch but very effective! I can’t show any of the pics just yet so you’ll have to keep waiting!

Well the other evening I needed a bit of a break from knitting and could just hear the calling of those little hooks, and out came my first ever granny squares, with a little help from bobwilson123 on youtube 😀

They need quite a bit of improvement and they do curl a little!

It didn’t come easy and my tension needs some work, I had to rip back a round or two so I could add some extra stitches in the hope it would prevent the curling, and it did 😀

This is what I produced!

Crochet granny square round middle

My daughter asked me to knit her the pink one and she picked the colours 😀

and now I have officially made my first granny squares I feel I can finally call myself a crocheter!

by Juniper Askew

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