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November 20th, 2014

If there is one knitting exhibition that is a must see it is this one currently in Lincoln, at the collection, running until the 6th Dec, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lovely work from the film ‘Tell them of us‘ and the pattern book ‘Centenary stitches‘.

I feel lucky to have some of my items on display here as well as on film and in the book.

It is like walking into the wardrobe of a community from WW1, and you get a little taste of just how lovely it must have been to go in and choose what the actors in the film were going to wear!

A few months ago I went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in bath, it was fantastic but I was wowed in a very different way when I walked in and saw all of these lovely garments.

As I use a wheelchair I actually found I had a good view of all the garments, and this had to be one of the best! this was lovely and really felt like a wow moment as I went under the knits.

under view
The exhibition gave a feeling of comfort as they are very lovely knits that not only had I seen people wearing them in the film but I can very much imagine myself and family wearing them.

It is lovely and homely knowing that these items were knitted at home, by woman doing there bit keeping community’s & service men clothed during the war.

knitted comfortsteenage ww1 gernsey

The big difference for me is that although Kaffe’s work is amazing and inspirational (I really did love his exhibition) and it has really made me want to push my artistic ideas. The works in this exhibition are very wearable for all the family on a day to day basis, it gave me some new design ideas and the want to make every day knits for people I know.

black jumperpink coatjacket and muffhats

All items I could pick up and knit easily myself – every item is an item I can see myself knitting, I can defiantly see myself wearing these.

Graces jacket, centenary stitches pattern book, tell them of us film by Elizabeth lovickvintage shawls exhibition, tell them of us film, centenary stitches pattern book

The hard work put into these items really shows, there are some items that are quick knits, all in garter stitch, and some that are a bit more complicated, but one thing is for sure there is something for everyone!

driving coat sally

This jacked is lovely and long, a must see!!

A lot if the knits are plain garter stitch, I suspect this was because of time, you can imagine just how much time things took back then so something easy and quick was ideal, we don’t often use garter stitch as much these days but just look at some of these knits- hats, shawls, scarves and jackets, don’t they prove that we should use garter stitch more!? This also makes these items perfect for beginners 😀

Dark Pink Coat

The lives of people in the era has really been thought about, right down to items that girls would have wanted on dolls!

dolls items dollie hat and shawl

They even thought about beloved pets!

dog coat

This fab little bag was one of the items I just loved.


I really could keep showing you all the lovely items from the exhibition but I think it is best to stop here and encourage you to go see it for yourself, it is well worth the trip, all these items look so much better when you can see them for yourself!

And when you can knit them for yourself! some of these items can be found in this pattern book.

centenary stitches cover

* Thank you to everyone who let me share pictures, most of these are Pauline Loven’s (costumer and co producer)

by Juniper Askew

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2 comments on “More on The Centenary Stitches Exhibition”

  1. thehookstook commented on 25th November 201410:29 pm

    I went to see this exhibition today - daytripped from London especially. It was a small exhibition but I was in there for over an hour! I found the soldiers' comforts especially interesting, and some of the women's garments I thought I would wear. I love how stylish garter stitch can look (though I'm more into crochet at the moment)

    1. juniperaskew commented on 27th November 201411:32 am

      oh i am so pleased to hear you made the trip and you enjoyed it as much as i did, there were quite a few crochet items, the bag i like was crochet, i think! as well as quite a few hats? While looking trough the old patterns and looking at knits for this project i found loads of crochet patterns, i believe crochet was very popular in this era, there were a few pattern book just on crochet :D

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