Maybe Somthing For Myself!?

December 27th, 2013

I haven’t knitted for myself in a while, I had done something back in august and have a jumper that has no sleeves yet, the problem with this top is that I can’t decide if I should put some sleeves on or leave it as is is so I can wear long sleeve top under it on a cold day? it looks nice like this too, I have made loads of hats, hand warmers, scarfs and jumpers along with many other things since then all for other people, and now I am feeling as if maybe it is my turn!?

Apart from the many lovely things I have seen around, one very lovely coat in last months knitting magazine and a jumper in this months …I NEED some hand warmers and a scarf so I feel it is justified for me to have some knits!

While awaiting a delivery of yarn for the jumper I am going to knit have a gap in my knitting diary, the only other thing I have to knit up is a purple and white stocking, and maybe a few bits for my son and daughters birthday…

There is a big ball of marble chunky (james c. brett) I am hoping to knit a scarf with so I think I will take my needles to that and also make some hand warmers, I made some as a present for someone made myself a little jealous!

swirl hand warmers for me too!!

swirl hand warmers for me too!!

How about making a start on the hand warmers, and once finished I can start the scarf with some cabling? by this time my Jumper yarn should have arrived and I can work on both! I’m not knitting a WHITE jumper with my kids around!! so I will have time for other projects…for me!!

I am feeling really selfish as I sit here and type I am thinking…”oh, and that swirl jacket I want!”…very selfish to think of “me” so much! but there is a reason Santa delivered 40 balls of yarn right!?

yeah I though so! Yarn stash here I come!!

by Juniper Askew

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3 comments on “Maybe Somthing For Myself!?”

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess commented on 27th December 201310:23 pm

    You need some items to advertise your handy work. ;)

    1. juniperaskew commented on 27th December 201310:46 pm

      hehe handy work! that is the first time i realized just how much that applies to knitters/ crocheters!!

  2. Me Monday | habeoNZ commented on 5th January 20148:08 pm

    […] Maybe Somthing For Myself!? ( […]

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