Making Furry Ears!

June 19th, 2016

So today we are dressed as Mythical Creatures at 3 Wishes Faery Festival!

Last year I did make some cat ears for 3 wishes as part of a Cheshire cat outfit, for this years 3 wishes both pretzel boy and peregrine needed furry ears, one pair for a uni-kitty and pretzel boy is  wanting fox ears, so off with the yarn I went!

I started off with some shop bought ears


pearl ears

Then I added furry yarn, for pretzel boy, it was really handy having the structure and holes. I just covered them untill I could no longer see the purls.

red fox ears furry yarn

For the uni-kitty ears I used furry yarn to cover the head band, and knitted a triangle which I attached to the ear flowers.

uni-kitty ears

uni-kitty ears a

kitty ears

then all that was left to do was attach the unicorn horn! Peregrine’s nest made this!

unicor unikitty head band

looking forward to seeing these with the rest of the outfit, will post pics after the festival…as we are fearying….or uni-kittying around right now 🙂

by Juniper Askew

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