Little Pixie Stealing My Knitting!

January 6th, 2014

Well yesterday I was hoping to finish this doll faery/elf thing I am making, but alas my little pixie stole it from me ! I had finished them and it was all…”oooh my dolly is a butterfly” and “dolly can fly” so I ended up sewing them onto her very loved looking doll! and now it is a faery doll, she is so happy with it and I am glad that she is playing with it and now finding a whole new way to play with it, but I fear at this rate I will never finish this one as I can see that she will be stealing all the little extras for her current doll!? maybe i should make it a “pixie” as it seem to fit the current scenario!

Now this is the doll that I never actually finished, I had sewn it’s arms.legs and head to the body and put some of the hair on, I had decided to sew the eyes and mouth on before finishing the last bits, but she stole this! you can see why she’s a pixie right! she may fool you all with her little faery wings she wears all day but she is defiantly a pixie! then the little madam demands her dolly had a nose, this I thought, was a fair statement, how else is a dolly going to smell things!? and then a skirt, this was a little frustrating for me as I had intended to do a lovely ballerina skirt on it but in an attempt to be quick and get it done before bed time I just put a quick little skirt on it….and now the wings…I think this must be about a year later! dolly is looking a bit loved although I am pleased to say that despite my daughter getting annoyed with it and attempting to pull the head off my stitching won and she is still in one piece! 😀 yay me! i cant begin to imagine the tears if she had actually pulled it off, thankfully she hasn’t attempted it since!

I was thinking of putting a little hat on the current one but am worried she may want this too? so should I just go ahead and make two!? or should I do it in secret? no doubt if I do that she will ask for one as soon as she sees it! and then hair, I never added (proper) hair to her doll….

Daughters bit too loved knitted doll

Daughters bit too loved knitted doll

 doll with added wings

doll with added wings

Normally I wouldn’t  mind and would be more than happy to just go with the flow and see where it takes us, but my yarn has arrived for the jumper and I am eager to get started on it as I have no idea how long it will take and how many times I will have to rip it back, I pray to the gods that I wont be doing much of that!

It is possible that I may have over ordered just a little on the yarn…partly because I have no idea just how much I need and after running out of yarn on the shawl/afghan (which I can’t wait to get back to!) I figured I best over order…by far too much!

 too much!?

too much!?

The theory is I am a knitter! a yarnoholic! so one can never have too much yarn right!?

And I have lots of other things in mind which I could use the left overs on, so do hope there is a good amount left

Right, big push on getting this doll finished and hopefully I can get started on this jumper!! I just know if I don’t finish the pixie it will bug me while knitting the jumper!

…now were did i leave that faery dust!?

by Juniper Askew

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