Light House Picnic

July 28th, 2014

So what we did one day last week! …’on our doorstep’ we dropped off the car to be fixed the window wouldn’t wind up! we thought we would get the dreaded school uniform out of the way so we walked…well I wheeled, to town to grab some bits…and a few other yarn though!

When we were finally done we headed out to the waterfront and sat by a (on land) light house having a picnic, and looking out to sea.

The kids and husband did some drawing of ‘what they could see’ and kids had a run about and play,

family drawing

I did some knitting and enjoyed the lovely view of boats, some lovely sail boats were out and a HUGE navy ship sailed out from the docks and then out to sea! we watched it being guided out and turned and sail out to the horizon,

knitting for WW1 knit

I this picture i am knitting a lovely knitted crossover for the Tell us of them film,

We had a stroll along the waterfront and the children bought some sweets from a lovely traditional sweet shop with pocket money that had earned folding washing and helping around the house, and we topped it off with ice cream….we then headed back to our fixed car which wasn’t far from our ending point, we did a huge loop… and home, all very tired but a lovely day!

by Juniper Askew

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