Learning To Knit & Choosing Yarn!

March 7th, 2014

My son has been able to knit for a while, however as he has low motor skills he has found it very hard. Doing a row at a time then leaving it for a day or two, and although he likes the change of purling he found it harder, 10 stitches was about his limit.

There was something telling me it was possibly the yarn, so we had a play about over the months with different yarns, I bought a cheap chunky for him to knit with, thinking as it was cheap, it wouldn’t matter, he was quite good with this but he kept splitting it as he knitted, so we went back to a double knit, I found the colours made a big difference as it meant he could see them easier, to my great surprise he did really well with a multi colour one, which I had read many times is a big no no for teaching children! He asked and I though why not give it a try? It was good as he could see the individual stitches easier than a whole row the same colour!

But still he was struggling on, we bought him some orange DK in December but it was, to me, more like a 4ply and quite thin, so that went out the window quite quickly!

so the hunt was on for a good yarn to suit his needs, one that did not split easily and was not too thin!

Then my daughter (3years) was knitting with some super chunky and I noticed that it didn’t split easily and was quite a good yarn to knit with, so we took a trip out and hunted some down… we bought Patons Fab Big.

He decided that he wanted 30cm so by looking at the band he worked out he needed to times the number of stitches by 3, this was great as I have been looking for something to help him learn his times tables, and now he sees there is a reason for them he is keen to learn them!

Off he went on his 24 stitches, kitting, quite quickly, I was sure he would stop half way but not only did he do that row he went on to do the whole purl row, I cant remember if he did more but I can remember feeling soooo proud!

I am glad he stuck with it and carried on and that even though it was hard for him he didn’t give up!

As for me, I have just been knitting the same old thing… and loving it!!

Over 250 stitches on my needles!

Over 250 stitches on my needles!

by Juniper Askew

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