Knitting together and casting off at the same time

October 15th, 2013

You may have already read we don’t do seams, so whenever I have to sew seams I try to find a way around it! I have developed a way of knitting together and casting off at the same time,it means I don’t have to cast off then sew together, in fact I don’t have to sew together this seam at all, for this I am making a tube so I folded my knitting over and joined the cast on edge with the cast off…. and I am using white yarn so you can see more clearly, on the last picture I have used blue for the seam so you can see how it will look finished

BEFORE you cast off…fold knitting in half bringing the cast on edge to the top

now you should (depending on your cast on) have little loops on the bottom edge


insert your needle in to the first loop and then in the stitch on your needle


knit these two stitches together (using knit stitch but bring yarn trough both loops)  leaving one stitch on right hand needle


repeat this so you have two stitches on right hand needle


then cast off  these two as normal, leaving you with one stitch,


repeat this until you are fully cast off and have a tube, turn tube ‘inside out’ (or is that right side in!?)


now with this you do still have a seam but no sewing to do and it is nice and neat as well as quick and secure.

I can’t help but think this would make much more sense in a video and I was sooo tempted but at the moment I am just getting my head around this bloging thing and am not sure if you would prefer it or not!

anyway I hope this does make sense and if not I hope you will tell me so I know were I am going wonky!

by Juniper Askew

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