Knitted Girls Cardigans

April 16th, 2016

Before the holidays and all the blanket knitting I knitted up two cardigans both of these were surprisingly easy!

This pattern is the Thumberlina Bolero found in Patons book 3851

Thumberlina Bolero

It has increase and decreases and a lovely border, overall it was very easy

This second cardigan looks rather fancy and possibly hard but I actually found this one very easy two, I think the lace work, trim and the collar lead me to think it would be hard but it turned out to be so so easy, especially as I got into the repetitiveness of the pattern

baby girl lace cardigan

I found this pattern in ‘peter pan traditional baby book 210’

I think what I got out of knitting these was that things may look hard but give it a go as sometimes it is easier than we think.

by Juniper Askew

One comment on “Knitted Girls Cardigans”

  1. Enid Mary Shaw commented on 18th April 20161:30 am

    pretty cardigans xxxx

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