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March 10th, 2014

no pictures today I am afraid but the shawl is coming along well, I am nearly done with the stripes…well I have 6 rows left then I can start on the fringe wooo!

In other news I am trying my hand at being a hooker! have started a small bag with a Tunisian crochet technique, as we have lost most of our hooks, they have been ‘tided away’, I will be doing the base crochet and the sides knitted, partly because i don’t have the size hook i want and I don’t want to sew up the sides, I would need to have a lovely bendy hook to pick up lots of stitches for this …do i feel a shopping spree coming on!?

Do I do a quick easy stocking stitch as I want this done quickly and it’s not really important or something pretty like star stitch!?

I am also (hopefully) going to do a little knitting for the lovely Knitters and natters group for Woolen woods 2014, this is in the woods at the lovely sizergh castle, for those who like charity knitting, this group is great they collect for a number of charity’s and distribute items out, the group is supportive but primarily set up for charity knits.

And I have been knitting a peplum top that I put in a box until I decided what I wanted to do with it, I had knitted it up and just needed to do the sleeves and neck, now after months of thinking about it I know what I want to do…. I think!

so a few bits to be getting on with and hopefully some pictures to follow…

by Juniper Askew

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