“It’s too early to think about Christmas!!”

October 19th, 2013

Well usually I would agree! the years of me moaning and groaning about xmas things coming out before the summer holidays are even over, and I have to admit I have already had my fair amount of groans…but being a knitter I am thinking about it and have been for a good few months or so, then my mother pointed out to me that it is only 8 weeks….oh my goddess!

I have so much stuff to knit from a scarf with my little brothers name on (I’m regretting this one a little) to jumpers, stockings and craft things, I have even been knitting for our school fair for months! and I have to say I feel behind! yep i know crazy right!?

I’m feeling I should have had jumper ready for now, it’s getting cold and could do with something warm to wear and the arms are just taking forever! I’m ignoring it a little too! and my daughters jumpers are mostly sleeveless as they were for slightly warmer weather, we are making do with arm warmers but she’s not keen!

I have learnt that if you are a knitter you need to be at least a season ahead or a few seasons ahead! for one it just takes so long to knit things and if your knitting adult things then you need so much longer, and then there is the problem of locating suitable yarns, even if you do keep ahead you have the problem of sourcing the yarns and patters for the seasons ahead I have seen more chunky yarns around this year but at the same time last year I couldn’t get much till January! and that is far too late! add into that equation we don’t celebrate Christmas as most of our friends do we celebrate Alban Arthan (Winter Solstice) which is earlier, most people feel that we are lucky having it early but really I just feel like I am further behind.. plus we still have a festival to go and I find it hard to really plan for December until after it!

I like to knit things! I hate that we are in a society were we are required to ask for things, I love giving but I like to put thought into what I give not pick something off a list, because of this I am told I am hard to buy for but I just don’t feel the need for things, if I need something then it is different….

I will buy people things from the shop and I will get things people ask for but I do like to put thought into most things even if they are shop bought and if I can I like to give the love and thought that goes into every stitch

Thinking of what people might want or need then finding the yarn and making up/finding the pattern (i do like making my own patterns) takes time a lot of time

so is it too early?? no it’s never too early! to start knitting a project for any season!

by Juniper Askew

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