I shouldn’t use metal Knitting needles With EDS!

July 8th, 2014

A lot of you know I am a huge fan of circular needles and wooden ones too, mostly because of pain, the vibrations of the metal needles cause me much more pain. The shorter length plus not holing the weight of the yarn are also really helpful to me.

I have had a bad few days, just on such a go slow, and really bad hand cramps setting off my carpel tunnel, which then makes my hands go numb, surprisingly I can still knit with numb hands! this really puzzles me! I didn’t really think anything of the pain to start with, I have been doing quite well lately so I was bound to hit a set of bad days nothing strange about that.

I have been knitting a jumper and some acorns, as well as a few other bits and I had decided to do these on short metal needles, they are my daughters needles, she is 3 years old and has a few sets of the children’s pony needles, these are great as they are short meaning there is not as much arm work involved, what I neglected to think about was the fact that they are metal! and metal +EDS = extra pain!

It is so easily done! and when working with just a few stitches it can feel easier to work on straight needles! that is until the pain sets in!

It has proved a point to me, that changing my needles really has done me the world of good, I was in so much pain from knitting before I changed and it has been reduced so much just from changing my needles, though the pain will never go the steps I took to reduce it did work.

here are the acorns I made and the needle I have been knitting the sleeves of the jumper on!

Knitted Acorn

Boys WW1 knitted jumper on children's needles

So now I am back to my trusty straight, short wooden needles (usually DPN’s) and my circular needles and hoping things improve again getting me back to my clicky self in no time!

‘click’ For My post on needles for pain, and my story of changing needles

by Juniper Askew

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