Huge Donation Of Yarn Helps Teach!

April 10th, 2014

It has been a while, time has flown by and so much has been happening in our house! I have got creative with patterns again, something I haven’t done in a while, and trying to potty train my daughter, I think this is my worse part of parenting! but slowly getting there 😀

I have also been concentrating on charity knitting, there are so many good causes that need items and I have a fair few items that need knitting for a local cause,

I am lucky lady a dear friend who has done far more than her fair share of charity knitting sent me the biggest box of yarn I have ever received! full of lovely yarn to knit things up with, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I cannot buy any more yarn for a while, we (the children and myself) loved looking trough the yarn and seeing what was in the box, some lovely balls and the ideas in my head! so much yarn and so much it can be used for!

A huge big thank you to Gill Hollister for the lovely box of goodies, you are one of a kind and as I said before I feel touched that you have put your trust in me to use it for good causes xx

when someone puts their trust in you to use items for which they were intended it does make you feel you have to be sure on what items are for which projects, it would not be right to recieve yarn that has been donated for a good cause then use it for something else! I have my own stash which is for myself and family, to knit what I want wether that be items for myself, presents or charity, it is all for me to deciede upon,

And then I have separated off the yarn that is for charity, it is kept seporate and I have even written it all down! some of the yarns are the same as my own stash and mixing them up could happen so easily!  so I take mesures to try and stop that from happening!

one of the best things about recieveing so much yarn, from a paranting point of view, was just how educational it can be! I have alredy coved how knitting has encoraged my son to learn his times tables, and we have discoverd that recieving yarn and buying yarn is a very good way to encorage learning! as I said I write down the yarn I have, and I encourage my son to help, when we have whole balls he reads the weight and sometimes the yardage and then multiplies it by the number of balls I have, balls which are not standard sizes are good to get him thinking!

and then there are part balls, we often have days were we sort out all my part balls and left overs, we weigh them and write it down so that I know if I have enough for a project, this is great at getting him use to weighing things and adding up part balls of the same colour/type,as well as rounding numbers, we usually round down… as he is getting older he will start estimating how much it weighs and see if he gets it right, it is a great challange that he is eager to do and it makes learning fun as well as helping keep me organised!

so when we had this big box of yarn to sort it was great time to spend together, sorting, weighing and learning, even for my daughter who is 3 years she grouped the colours and counted the balls, there is so much to be learn’t from my knitting obsession…. and it justifys it 😀

I finished my fairys and semt them off, but I forgot to take photos!

by Juniper Askew

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