How to Knit Vertical Stripes

October 18th, 2013

I have recently started working with more than one colour on each row, practising my fair isle and colour work more then the odd few stripes,

I am knitting a gift for someone and thought I would make some stripes but didn’t want to make stripes going across I wanted them to go up/down, and this is how…

it is one of the first things to learn if you want to start colour work, just gives you a feel for changing colour,

you need two colours I have one multi coloured (the red/yellow bit) and one green


you need to pick up the yarn further away from the needle tip (on mine it is the green)

knit this colour


your colour position should change (my green is now closer to the tip on the right hand needle)


again pick up the colour furthest from the tip, my multi coloured one (red/yellow) and knit this


by doing this you are alternating your yarn using a different one for each stitch and creating lines going up/down

hopefully it should all line up and look like this


as you practice you will develop your own technique and speed up, if you can knit in continental as well as ‘English’ then you could have one colour knitting as English and the other as continental, I tend to do this if I have longer stretches of colour

for this alternating colour i just knit with both yarn in my right hand using the front and back of my finger to guide the yarn

one colour in front of finger and one behind so that your finger is in between the two yarn’s


this picture is on a purl row but works just the same with a knit

all your colours should be stacked on top of each other so just make sure the colour you are going to knot with matches the stitch your needle is going in to,

good luck x

by Juniper Askew

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