How to do chain stitch quicker

October 13th, 2013

Last time I was doing chain stitch around some letters and showed you how to do it,

I am still doing my letters I am on letter number 2, after a great start to Saturday I ended up having a relay sleepy weekend, much more than you’d expect I slept pretty much most of Saturday, from before lunch right trough to lunch time on Sunday, this does happen to me quite often and am feeling much better now although I can’t wait to go to bed! the bout of sleep is much shorter than I would expect and usually I am really sore and achy and can barely walk, but this time I don’t feel that way I still have the usual pain but am still able to get around and do things so for once I have come out pretty good!

well all this meant that my knitting got put on hold for a day and I’m still stitching away at my letters tonight and as I was stitching I realised that although I have it in my head to do it the way I showed, after a few stitches I do it in two or three different ways and it turned out it was much quicker! so thought I would share with you good people,

I’d advise practising the original way for a while if this is your first time otherwise you may end up with uneven stitches and my other post shows you in more detail how to do the stitch from start to finish, in this one  I just have pictures of how to make the stitch.

anyway when you get the hang of it give this a go…

METHOD 1 (or is that actually 2?)

come up trough the fabric/knitting with the yarn in front of your needle

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 1

then pull yarn trough making sure your needle doesn’t go under the yarn

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 2

pull yarn trough creating the loop with your yarn coming out of the middle

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 3

tighten and you have your stitch



come up trough the fabric/knitting tuck your yarn behind your needle

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 4

pull the needle trough

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 5

leaving you with the same yarn trough hole as the method 1

Chain Stitch 13-10-13 3

again, tighten and you have your stitch

There are many ways of going about it I think I do it different every time depending on were my yarn has fallen, after a while you will find a way that is best for you, we are all different and so my best way may not be yours.

give it a go and see which you like best,

Happy stitching.

by Juniper Askew

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