homework! with my barmy son!

October 8th, 2013

my son is 7 years old and at 7 he gets homework…or should I say we get homework…next week is ancient GREEK day, so he is (more like we are) making a mask and I am making a costume! most parents will buy one (these are sensible parents!) but I have been requested to make one and not only your normal toga no not my son, he wants to go as a worrier! so last night we looked trough pictures and decide on a toga come worrier look with arm and leg protectors, now I should tell you one of my sons favourite things about hand/ arm warmers….he wore the things ALL summer, on the hottest days there he was my barmy son wearing the things, why? because they make good worrier armour! so naturally the first thing he asks for is some new ones which are brown with gold around the top and bottom…so that’s my homework to knit some arm warmers…no sorry armour!

The thing is I bring it on myself! we had Mexico day last year and what did I do, I knitted a poncho in the flag colours with a small flag on the front and one of the first things I think when we have a new project is ‘what can I knit for this’ so I can only blame myself, and I am glad that my children like to wear what I make and ask for things in the style they want!

below; poncho from Mexico day and the arm protectors (wrist warmers) for Greek day

Mexico Poncho

Greek Armour Wrist Warmers

by Juniper Askew

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