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October 7th, 2013

Well here we are, blogging, that thing we all do or read, and i find myself doing it! I’m The Bendy Knitter, HI! we will go into the name at some point but for now well lets just call it weird!

After a while of thinking maybe I should blog about things,mostly knitting I found myself encouraged by quite a few people but the turning point was last week when quite a few people stopped me and asked about knitting projects i had done or to compliment me, but the big turn around was meeting the lovely duo Ruth and Belinda who encouraged me with my knitting and that the idea of blogging was a good one, I suspect they have no idea of what they have done and in a few months might even regret ever saying anything if it all goes a bit wonky! but I found my way here blogging! a few other things happened i won a book (Kaffe,knits again) and got two photos of my knitting (that i had designed myself) in a magazine so naturally i now think i am famous!  haha!

These are all little thing but over a small space of time, I suddenly feel like knitting isn’t a phase any more or even just a hobby I am hooked on it, knitting everything from bags for Ruth and Belinda’s cause for children all over the uk and even Boobs (yes you read that right!) for our local Breast feeding group to help teach mums, and then the usual scarf’s, jumpers things to support my children’s school…and even skirts! I swore I would never do cable (far too hard!) and I did and I swore I would never ever EVER do fair isle and I cracked it today!

so I figured there are people just like me ‘just knitting’, carrying on with daily life but secretly  obsessed with knitting!

like I said I thought I couldn’t do it and it turns out I can and I think with a little encouragement you can too x

often when I am knitting projects I always feel it would be good to share (mostly the frustration of it) so if you good people don’t mind I’ll be sharing with you!


*Please bear with me while I get the page sorted, it may change a lot until I get used to this!

by Juniper Askew


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